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  • business & concepts
  • coding
  • design & art
  • governance
  • social science

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The brief

Powerhouse, the Netherland’s premier provider of energy market access to large consumers and decentral producers of power and gas is looking for a talented South African team to create an elegant but ultimately user friendly solution to extend the Powerhouse service experience beyond the desktop and laptop.

The background

In Europe you are able to choose your energy supplier (it is a liberalized market). Companies who want to buy or sell energy directly on the energy market need a partner with market access. Powerhouse is such a partner. This company has grown from a start-up in 2005 into the leading energy innovator in the Netherlands. Powerhouse offers an energy trading platform. This platform gives market access, connects companies with the energy market and allows them to buy or sell energy for the most attractive price. For example; you can buy energy for January next year, if in December your realise you bought too much, you can sell it. This is called a ‘placing a bid’. How much energy a company is using, is being registered by a metering company that shares the usage data with Powerhouse. The Accountmanager plays a vital role, as he understands the Powerhouse platform and the energy market very well. Very often he is leading in making a client decision, but this is what we want to move away from.

The problem

Imagine yourself to be the energy manager of your university building. You’ve been given the task by the board to save costs and making the impact of energy visible. You know you can save on costs by efficient energy usage/ trading. Also you don’t want to be fully dependent on the Accountmanager of Powerhouse. What do you want to know that enable you to sufficiently understand the energy business and what it means for your university? Additional questions you might think of are listed down below. • What is relevant information for you to know? Usage, costs, benchmark information? Etc. • How can Powerhouse present the information in a simple actionable way? • How can Powerhouse empower their clients and make them more independent? • How to trade? • How to save money? From all the data available, select the data which is relevant for you to know and allows you to choose from a couple of options that result in energy savings. The Accountmanager is there to consult if you wish to. In the end the dashboard should be there to save money. You (client) need to be educated about energy and how to trade (placing bids) that result in saving money. There is an energy trading platform, but customers are insufficiently aware they can save money via the platform. There needs to be a save space for you (client) to be educated. IMPORTANT NOTE We understand you don’t have in-depth knowledge of the energy industry, but this is also your strength, use it! This challenge is experienced by many of our clients and we want to serve them in the best possible way. Now and in the future. By showing your creative resourceful attitude this might open up eyes within the industry and change B2B energy behaviour. Powerhouse offers you direct contact with industry experts, like our Accountmanagers. They will be able to answer possible questions or queries you might have. Are you taking up this challenge and move Powerhouse forward to a more customer centric organisation? If yes, we allow the opportunity to offer an internship within our company based in Amsterdam.