Demola SA unlocks the VR world to Talent teams

Image of Demola Talent Team VR Arcade Experience

In Demola, we often encourage students to think outside the box and not limit themselves when it comes to generating innovative ideas towards their solutions. Two teams had great interest in incorporating elements of virtual reality into their projects, however, non of them had prior experience with the technology.

To support them and also to widen their horizens, mLab Southern Africa bought them tickets to the VRarcade exhibition at Workshop17, in Cape Town.

Below is a review from some of the students about their experience.

The VRcade experience held in Cape Town at Workshop 17 was a blast and a thriller. Traditionally being a Civil Engineering Student we are not exposed to gismos and cool gadgets of this calibre and by the time we are exposed to them they are already out dated that its literally 2 years behind time.

Thanks to Mlab and the Demola programme we as the talent were able to step into the future of gaming, not only gaming, but we can diversify into various components where VR can be used with regards to improving people’s health taking communication to all time heights as well as offer a whole new platform to integrate technology into our daily livelihoods.

My name is Musa and I have had a life changing experience through the exposure and opportunities offered to us by Mlab and Demola.

We have learnt that sometimes it takes trying things that might or might not work to land onto an idea worth investing more time in, the above team gained a lot of insight through the VRarcade experience which lead them to realize that its not a fit for their project, however this did not stop the Protrail team from having their own experience of virtual reality at the VRarcade. Below is what Mpendulo had to say about his experience.

The aim of the VR Arcade visit for me, was to experience Virtual Reality and try relating it to what a mother would experience using the product we are trying to innovate. Visually, the experience was appealing to me even though it was predominantly gaming and simulation.

Physically it was also tough as it has a very real life element to it which has given me a better idea of how I would like us to present the experience to the customer. Also which elements of VR we should and should not include in our final product. Overall the day was very exciting although we took a couple steps backwards with the hospital visit I believe we took five steps forward with the VR experience, which in essence is the core of our product as PROTrail

At the end of the season, the Protrail team beautifully used the concept of virtual reality to enhance the experience of newborn expantant parents.

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We are inspired by the great work the Talent teams produced, this is evidence that, sometimes it takes unlocking a doorway into a new experience to allow one an opportunity to suprise you with what they can come up with, using the new tools and resources made available to them.