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The brief

With millions of customers connecting on our network everyday and demand for innovative and entertaining solutions increasing around the globe, MTN is looking for creative and digital savvy talent to develop a next generation strategy that will give customers access to the latest 3rd party services and content.

The background

MTN is Africa’s largest mobile network with over (229 million) subscribers with a growing demand for new services and content. MTN continues to invest in the development of new services and products. We are committed to providing real value to our customers, however due to the diversity of services and products we require innovative consumer engagement strategies that will create awareness and increase adoption.

The problem

Consumers are becoming blind to SMS promotions of operator and 3rd party services. In a new digital age, we want to make sure we deliver to our customers exciting and valuable services, products and content. Questions to consider are: how would MTN promote 3rd party services, products and content? How could we switch from “promotional push” to “consumer pull” and what are the available channels and services that can be used to communicate these new offerings?