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The brief

The objective of the project is to take baby scans to the next level. Currently the baby scans available use 3D and 4D technology, this therefore doesn’t completely satisfy the need to be in connection to the baby and certain sensations are held back from the father. Our product aims to bring the father close to the unborn baby as he is given the chance to “interact” with the baby before it is born, a sense which was naturally provided only to the mother. This will create a psychological bond between the mother, the father and the baby before the actual birth of the baby, therefore the journey of conceiving and birth of the baby is extended ensuring a strong emotional bond between the parents and the baby.

The background

The mHealth & Wellness sectors holds great opportunities for innovators and entrepreneurs. With this mandate DST, CSIR and mLab Souther Africa has launched the reHealthAfrica initiative to explore, identify and support locally developed mHealth & Wellness innovations and startups. This new and rapidly evolving ecosystem has a number of platforms and hardwares that could become game changers for health solutions. We are interested, as a first step, to understand how VR could play a role in enhancing the human experience within health.

The problem

How can VR technology be used to enhance the experience of pregnancy and simultaneously improve the shared experience between both parents.